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Draft Rugby Fantasy System

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Today I want to explain how our fantasy scoring might differ from what you might be used to with a few specific examples. We have already outlined the most significant difference to the, that there is no financial component to your team, instead each player can only be signed to one managers team in your league (see more detail here).

Prior to creating our platform we were big fans of the Fox Sports Fantasy Super Rugby competition, and the detail they included in their fantasy scoring system. Our main goal when creating our scoring system was to retain the detail rewarding players for the input into the game, but to also even up the average value of each position.

An easy way to compare 2018’s fantasy averages between positions is to note what the first and last starting player would score. For example, in an 8 man league, 16 props would be starting, so what would the 1st and 16th prop average? Or only 8 half backs will start in the league, so how does the 8th halfback compare to the 16th Prop? Here is a summary from last year:

Position1st RankedLast starterDifference
Prop28.116.312 points
Hooker58.426.132 points
Lock41.31823 points
Backrow472225 points
Halfback19.813.76 points
Flyhalf54.828.326 points
Inside Backs44.820.424 points
Outside Backs53.32528 points

From this basic data we found that props and halfbacks don’t score nearly as many points as their competitors, and whats more, the difference between the first and last picked is significantly less than any other position. What this means is that there is no reward to picking the best few players in this position, because you don’t lose out by picking up the last few. What is misleading is that the 2nd ranked lock scored only 34 points per game, giving a difference of only 16 points and making it a clear third last in regards to positional preference.

So what did we do?

To increase the scoring ability of props, halfbacks and to a lesser extent locks, we have done the following:

  • Scrum wins 1 point for forwards – increasing their points by 4-10 per game.
  • Scrum loss -3 points for forwards – decreasing their points by 0-2 points per game.
  • Lost line-out lose 2 points for the thrower/ Hooker – decreasing their points by 0-8 points per game.
  • Line-out take 2 points – This should give increase their points by 2-6 per game.
  • Passes 1 point for every 5 passes for Half Backs, (everyone else for every 10) increasing points by 3-5 per game.
  • Run metres 1 point for every 5 metres for props (normally every 10) and 2 points for every run (normally 1 point), this should increase prop points by 6-10 per game.
  • Half Back & Lock Tries 15 points instead of 10 (as per prop & hooker), this should increase their points by 0-3 per game.

Therefore on average halfbacks will add roughly 3-8 points per game, props and locks will increase 5-12 points per game, hookers will decrease by 0-4 points.

We have also increased the points for turnovers and forced penalties to 4 points to more highly reward breakdown dominance.

PositionAverage1st PickLast StarterDifference
Half Back28.73527.17.9
Fly Half36.654.333.121.2
Inside Back3951.334.716.6
Outside Back40.355.833.122.7

Our scoring system:

Take the field – 1 point
Play >60 min – 2 points
Tries – 10 points (12 points back row; 15 points props, hooker, locks & half back)
Try Assists – 5 points
Conversions – 2 points (lose 2 for a miss)
Penalties – 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)
Drop goal – 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)
Runs – 1 point (2 points for props)
Run metres – 1 point per 10 metres (1 point every 5 metres for props)
Line breaks – 5 points
Tackle busts – 3 points
Offloads – 4 points
Forced penalties – 4 points
Turnovers conceded – lose 4 points
Handling errors – lose 3 points
Tackles – 1 point (2 points for Front row and Hooker)
Missed tackles – lose 2 points
Penalties conceded – lose 5 points
Scrum Success – 1 point for win; -3 points for a loss (All forwards – Based off team scrums and personal minutes played per game.)
Line-out won thrower – 1 point
Line-out won – 2 points
Line-out steal – 4 points
Lost line-out  – lose 2 points for the thrower
Passing – 1 point for every 10 passes (1 pt for every 5 passes for Half Backs)
Bad Pass – lose 2 points each
Yellow card – lose 10 points
Red card – lose 20 points

Written by Harrison Dale