Platform Development Update

Hi everyone! My name is Hugh, and I’m a huge nerd. Harry, Nelson, and David brought me onto the Draft Rugby project in January. I’d like to share the work I’ve done over the past few months.

Our objective is to build the best fantasy rugby platform on Earth. Harry, Nelson and David built a fantastic prototype in 2019. Now, the challenge is to build a full-scale system. Today I am proud to say that we are well on the way to that goal. So far, we have:

Sorting by Total Season Points in the Fantasy Points interface

We call this stage “Early Access”. There are bucketloads of features yet to be added. Bugs are rife. We are far from having a fully-fledged fantasy rugby platform. But we need your help, and releasing Draft Rugby in Early Access form gives you the opportunity to help us.

The first way we hope you might help us is by giving us your feedback. For example: What would you like changed on the Player Stats page? Your feedback helps us focus on what is most important to you. You can give us your feedback via @DraftRugby on Twitter, and on our discussion forums.

The second way you can help us is by signing up for a Draft Rugby subscription. Harry, Nelson, and David are funding Draft Rugby development out of their own pockets, any any contribution helps them keep paying the bills.

We know it might be too early for some of you to consider subscribing. You might want to wait until we have more features. We understand completely. You can keep up to date on development progress by subscribing to our newsletter.

For those of you that do subscribe at this Early Access stage, you have our most heartfelt thanks. Your contributions are critical in making Draft Rugby a sustainable, long term project.

– Hugh