Round 1 Development Update

Super Rugby is back. After a COVID-19 induced hiatus, Draft Rugby is back in development too. We deployed some key new features just in time for Round 1:

There is still so much to do. Most painfully, it is not yet possible to view points scored by a Team in a Round, or compare Team scores to see how Managers ranked in a Round. With that in mind, we are currently developing new features that will allow you to:

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when these features will be ready. We want them in place before Round 2, but there is a strong chance they will not be. Software development is unpredictable, and we will keep adding features Round-by-Round, as they become ready.

Because features are being added Round-by-Round, we are designing Draft Rugby to be flexible. As we add new features, you will be able to edit previous Rounds to take advantage of those new features. In this way, we hope Draft Rugby will become more and more fun as the rounds go on. You will always be able to “correct” previous Rounds as we expand the platform.

Thank you for all the feedback, bug-reports, and feature requests you have been sending our way on Twitter and elsewhere. Your messages help us prioritise what we need to work on first, and have helped us zero in on Lineups and Team scoring as our immediate priority.

– Hugh