Experimental Scoring Feature

Some might say that Draft Rugby is a game played purely enjoyment. We all know that’s flat our wrong. It’s a game we play to win. Specifically, to win against Cargie.

To know who’s winning, we need to see team scores. Until now, team scoring has been conspicuously absent from Draft Rugby. Now our new “Scoring Algorithm” is ready to play.

You can see the Scoring Algorithm’s output by visiting the Fixtures page for any League you participate in. Scoring numbers are added after Team names in each Fixture. It’s very subtle right now, because we’re sure there will be many bugs with scoring. We want to get things working reliably before we make the user interface more pretty.

There are quite a few limitations with scoring:

  1. There are (probably) many bugs. We will address them as they are detected. Please report anything you find to @DraftSportDev
  2. Deleting players from Teams is currently a bit wonky. Your team composition might change unexpectedly until we sort out deletions properly.
  3. It’s not possible to view the Team score breakdown for each player in a round.

We’re working to rectify these limitations as quickly as possible! Please keep your feedback coming.

– Hugh