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OG LEAGUE 2020 – The Semi-Finals Rd 1

Our semi-finals are played over two consecutive weeks, with full sides redrafted for each round. We do this because there are fewer teams available, making the normal trade system impossible and because drafting is the greatest part of any fantasy footy competition.

Semi-final round 1:

Draft order:


Semi Rd 1 Fixtures:

The Reds (447) V (250) Rieking Havoc 2.0 (Grubs Edition)
Cargie (1) vs Nabung (4)
Taking a quick look back to 2019, we saw Nabung trump regular finalist Blake from 4th position, so a crowd-pleasing underdog story was definitely a possibility. Skip forward to the present day and his dream of going one better than a losing finalist in 2019 is in tatters, giving up a 197 point lead to minor premier and all-round trade night dirtbag Cargie.
Cargie had a clear game plan, pick the entire Reds team and everything will work out. Despite Karmichael Hunt being pulled pregame, that’s exactly what happened. James O’Connor (92 points) was the standout, a double blow considering Nabung had jumped on Will Harrison (-5) early. Taniela Tupou (54) went big and was unlucky not to take another two tries from the game, while Jock Campbell (42) and Harry Wilson (40) also contributed heavily.
You’d never have guessed that Nabung’s abysmal team boasted the likes of gems Pete Samu (67 points) and Brendan Paenga-Amosa (48), but that’s where the scoring finished. To stress just how poor his side was, over half his team (Maddocks, Lacey, Newsome, Foketi, Harrison, Stander, Atkins, Bell, HJH) combined for a total of 20 points! Evidently fate has it that Nabung will lose his name to his younger brother at season’s end baring a miracle next week.

Damian McKenzie XV (349) Vs (379) Newbung’s “can you believe this bloke still hasn’t got a team name”
Harry (2) vs Newbung (3)
Despite breaking his elbow and drafting high on pain killers just 12 hours before surgery, Newbung now boasts a 3-0 record over 4-time champ Harry. But a 30 point lead is a narrow one, and he’ll have to make it a clean sweep next week to progress to the big dance in his debut season.
Harry followed the same strategy of Cargie this week. However, picking from 2nd doesn’t afford the same drafting privilege. As a result, he couldn’t get as many of the top dogs. Filipo Daugunu (92 points) was a godsend for the side, having missed out on first choice Petaia (37) to Cargie. While first pick Tate McDermott (86) delivered exactly what was needed. A lack of other standout performers really hurt the Damian McKenzie XV, but the real low blow was losing both Reds centres Stewart (7) and Flook (11), who were surely destined to cash in on the Force thrashing. To top it off Jono Lance was dropped to the bench pregame having cut open his head, surely the bad luck can’t strike two weeks in a row.
Newbung’s week completely hinged on Fraser McReight (77 points). His opposition FOOLISHLY drafted in Rob Simmons (11) in place of the young flanker. Newbung immediately selected the young smokey not realising Pete Samu was also available, a masterstroke of a mistake if I’ve ever seen one! The change-up could have seen a 154 point swing and a huge lead to the 2nd seed. Speaking of mistakes, not all managers had their eyes on the news leading into this week’s game, Newbung selecting Strachan (0) over Jack McGregor (29) who had been promoted to the starting side. A mistake that could cost him in such a tight match-up. Not to be forgotten, Jack Demspey (43) is in a rich vein of form, and Tom Wright (40) has become increasingly reliable as the season progresses.

Extra Facts:

Best Player: James O’Connor (Cargie) & Filipo Daugunu (Harry) 92 points
Worst Player: Will Harrison (Nabung) -5 points
Best Supersub: Nil
Biggest Coaching Mistake (player left on the bench): Jack McGregor (29) left on the bench for Jake Strachan (0) (Newbung)

Team Scores Rd 1:

Written by your local rugby nerd Harrison Dale.