Draft Rugby Fantasy Rugby 2021

With the changes to the Super Rugby competition, Draft Rugby has pivoted to make sure we can enjoy the longest and best version of fantasy football on the market. This post details how we plan to play fantasy super rugby in 2021.

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Competition Format 2021

Draft Rugby will kick off the night before Super Rugby AU Rd2 & Aotearoa Rd 1 starts (on the 25th of February) with the following details:

The platform does not currently have a built-in finals system. However, we will endeavour to build this throughout the season. If we cannot create the website capability through the regular season, we will again provide our excel sheet templates so that you can easily play along in your private leagues.

Our scoring system

Try Assists – 6 points (Increased by 1 point from 2020)
Penalties conceded – lose 5 points (Decreased by 1 point from 2020)

Other Stats
Take the field – 1 point
Play >60 min – 2 points
Tries – 10 points (12 points back row; 15 points props, hooker, locks & half back)
Conversions – 2 points (lose 2 for a miss)
Penalties – 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)
Drop goal – 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)
Runs – 1 point (2 points for props)
Run metres – 1 point per 10 metres (1 point every 5 metres for props)
Line breaks – 5 points
Tackle busts – 3 points
Offloads – 4 points
Forced penalties – 4 points
Turnovers conceded – lose 4 points
Handling errors – lose 3 points
Tackles – 1 point (2 points for Front row and Hooker)
Missed tackles – lose 2 points
Scrum Success – 1 point for win; -3 points for a loss (All forwards – Based off team scrums and personal minutes played per game.)
Line-out won thrower – 1 point
Line-out won – 2 points
Line-out steal – 4 points
Lost line-out  – lose 2 points for the thrower
Passing – 1 point for every 10 passes (1 pt for every 5 passes for Half Backs)
Bad Pass – lose 2 points each
Yellow card – lose 10 points
Red card – lose 20 points

Keep an eye out for our Super Rugby AU and Aotearoa full previews coming soon!

Written by Harrison Dale