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The OG League is back! Check-in through the season to see how our fantasy competition unfolds! This week we will give a quick summary of the action but expect plenty more in the coming weeks!

Round 1 Fixtures:

Between a rock and a hard Grace (308) vs (382) 50 1st Tates
Nsync (1) vs Nelson(5)
The 2020 wooden spoon play-off was one that we were all eagerly watching. Making it more interesting was that last year’s loser, Nsync, got the first Draft pick after his randomly allocated fantasy team won our Super 6 preseason fixture that you can read about here. Despite having first choice Sync started 2021 just as he left 2020. He has the right to feel a little aggrieved with 1st pick Richie Mo’unga (-3pts) an absolute flop for him. I’d say surely there is better to come for Sync, but I’m surprised he even made it this far.
Despite adamantly arguing that 5th is the worst place to draft from, Nelson predictably argued that he could manipulate the stats to prove he had the best team ever constructed. It’s hard to disagree with him this week with a solid win most notably of Draft smokies Mack Hansen (85pts) and Connor Garden-Bachop (56 pts).
Nelson 1- Nsync 0.

The Champ (376) Vs (421) Perofranchise Dynasty
Nabung (2) vs Harry(6)
After making Harry his bitch in 2020 with 4 consecutive wins, including a semi-finals clean sweep, Nabung was talking a big game to start the season off. Imagine the Champ’s surprise when Will Jordan was pulled pregame, surely nothing bad happens to his team!? It proved an absolute dagger as he went down with a losing BP having relied heavily on Alex Mafi (62 pts) and James O’Connor (58).
The streak is over! Harry had a certain glow at trade night, entering to a round of standing applause having finally slain the all-powerful fantasy dragon that is Nabung. Sevu “the game winner” Reece (68 pts) stood up to his name, while Rob Valetini (60) and Ardie Savea (52) stood up in the forward pack.
Harry 1 – 0 Nabung.
Long may the streak continue!

Tinker Taylor Solo Try (288) Vs (428) Saved By The Bell
Noobum (3) vs Wylie(7)
Having lost his name to his younger brother in 2020, you’d be forgiven for thinking the only way was up for Noobum. Fielding a full 15 is a luxury in this game, but not one that made any difference to a side that was put together worse than the Indian Olympic track and field team. Not even an outstanding Codie Taylor (90 pts) game could make this side look half decent.
Asafo Aumua (94 pts). This is what we have all been waiting for, and it was Wylie who will reap the benefits of his inspired early pick-up (2nd overall hooker, in the 6th round). Tom Banks (62pts) also scored handsomly in the Brumbies pantsing of the Waratahs.
Wylie 1 – 0 Noobum.

Princess Telea (267) Vs (237) King Solomon
Blake (4) vs Cargie (8)
7th defeats 8th overall this week. I can already hear Nelson’s calculator hard at work as he argues why he deserves to be in the finals instead of Blake, who clearly got the easy path in. Not many highlights in this one so I won’t waste your time.
Cargie, are you sure you’re building a fantasy footy platform mate? This is an absolute joke of a side. To start with he only fielded 12 players in round 1 of the competition, and one of those was James Blackwell (-13 pts)! I hope you get your shit together, otherwise, you’ll be making Nsync look like he knows what he is doing. On the bright side, this writer (Harry) looks forward to a clean sweep for the podcast fantasy trophy.

Extra Facts:

Best Player: Asafo Aumua (94 points) – Wylie
Worst Player: James Blackwell (-13 points) – Cargie
Best Supersub: n/a
Best Free Agent: Otere Black (35 points)
Biggest Coaching Mistake (player left on the bench): Dallas McLeod (34pts) left on the bench instead of Hunter Paisami (12pts) – Cargie

Team Scores Round 1:

The Table:

Round 2 Fixtures:

Written by your local rugby nerd Harrison Dale.