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The OG League is back! Check-in through the season to see how our fantasy competition unfolds! This week we will give a quick summary of the action but expect plenty more in the coming weeks!

Trade Night Rd 1

Round 1 Fixtures:

The Dog Rollers (359) vs Get Richie or die tryin’ (346)
February vs Harry
One of the longest standing fixtures in the competition, in recent times Harry has gotten the better of Calendar and round one is predicted to follow suit. Calendar’s Team was blind sided with his top 2 picks, Codie Taylor and Etene Nanai-Seturo being withheld from a start. Pulling the weight for Calendar was Pita-Gus Sowakula (65pts) and Brodie McAllister (51 points) who soaked up some good points by just existing in the Crusaders squad. Harry had brilliant scores from Leicester Fainga’anuku (73pts) and Tom Wright (58pts) in addition to numerous mid-range scores. Harry has 2 worldies in Hoskins Sotutu and Dalton Papali’i yet to take the field which would suggest from 2021 averages Calander’s writing is on the wall.
Harry 1- Blake 0.

NoahBell Prize (448) vs Gonna Materap This Comp (270)
Nelson vs Nsync
Nelson well and truly established dominance in round one with the second highest total score. Nsync on the other hand coming off the back of missing the initial draft in person faced an uphill struggle. Neither team had any blues players so these scores are final. Nelson’s initial draft strategy paid dividends with Angus Bell (66pts) and Harry Wilson (77pts) killing it as his top 2 picks. Nsync’s rather rash move of selecting Matera as 1st pick added insult to injury snagging only (10pts). Nsync’s respectables were Julian Savea (44pts) and the brother of the best center in the world Billy Proctor (40pts)

Will Ofa Cane Harry in Jacksons Garden (241) vs Reece Lightning (245)
Blake vs Cargie
Cargie is very much a confidence player and boy was his confidence high when he got a match up in round one against the rookie Blake who made some questionable decision in his first draft (forgiven). Both teams really scraped the barrel for points in this round and were their own worst enemy. Blake had Reece Hodge (-5pts) and Cargie received a beating from Sevu Reece (-2pts) and the much publicized number 8 turned prop Jone Koroiduadua (-2pts). That being said this pending result is the one to watch. You’d think since Blake has 4 players to come and Cargie with only 2 that the writing should be on the wall. However, Cargie’s 2 players are none other than his fob loving brothers Reiko and Akira. Get your popcorn out for this finale. On a positive note, Blake’s 1st pick Jordie Barrett top scored the round with (89pts).

The TahbourCridge (477) vs The United Tates (206)
Chrissy vs Nabung
It’s usually always a big occasion when the brothers get together in a fixture but this was a let down for the fans. The missing blues for Nabung may salvage come respect with Beauden Barrett expected to be back from his concussion and Caleb Clarke to no doubt tear it up. Chrissy top scored for the round with some impressive performances from Yarke Gordon (81pts), Will Jordon (55pts) and Jock Campbell (52pts). Honorable mention must go to Geoff Cridge (22pts) purely for just being a Geoff Cridge. The most notable player for Nabung was Selesi Rayasi (DNP) because this man could of changed this result on his own.

Extra Facts:

Best player: Jordie Barrett (89 points) – Blake
Worst player: Reese Hodge (-5 points) – Blake
Best super sub: Nil
Best free agent: Bailyn Sullivan (37points)
Biggest coaching mistake: (player left on the bench): Liam Coltman (30pts) instead of Josh Dickson Samisoni Taukei’aho (19pts) – Nabung

Team Scores Round 1:

The Table:

No changes to the table yet with a game delayed.

Round 2 Fixtures:

Written by February Palmer.