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The OG League is back! Check-in through the season to see how our fantasy competition unfolds! This week we will give a quick summary of the action but expect plenty more in the coming weeks!

Trade Night Rd 2

Round 2 Fixtures:

As we all know, Moana Pacifica has been affected by Covid and we haven’t been able to see those boys in action. This in turn has left the OG League with ‘unfinished’ matchups and nearly all results and table pending. Round 2 has seen relatively low scores across the board and only one fixture complete, and is where we will start the review.

NoahBell Prize (355) vs Get Richie or die tryin’ (348)
Nelson V Harry

This is always a huge matchup when the co-hosts of the Draft Rugby podcast and brothers by blood only go head to head to see who is the better Dale. Nelson has had the better of Harry, taking the W over the last 3 times they have played each other and Harry did his ultimate best to try and change the tide.
Nelson once again saw his boy and his first pick Angus Bell top score for his team with 44 points reaffirming why he is one of the top valued picks in this draft. Bell was supported by the man with some wheels Tom Banks (44 points) while Harry’s team was led by the dominant Reds Hooker Alex Mafi (58 points), while Waratahs centre Izaia Perese (45) points and the flying Fijian winger Vinaya Habosi (42 points) also went big. A very close match up in the end with only 8 points in it. Harry takes the bonus point win home which to end Nelson’s streak!
Nelson will be bemoaning a late change in fantasy scores on FRD as he clenched defeat from the jaws of victory.
Harry 1- Nelson 0.

Will Ofa Cane Harry in Jacksons Garden (317 pts with 1 player left) vs  The Dog Rollers  (356 pts with 4 players left)
Blake vs Calendar
The Battle of the Blakes. With the new Blake up against the old Blake (now referred to as the calendar) this was going to be a very interesting fixture as both are looking to secure their first obvious win of the season. It seems The Calendar has managed to do just that in this fixture as he as a 39 points lead with an extra 3 players in hand. Proving that it is difficult to change the old Blake with the new. 
New Blake’s team name which he needs to have a hard look at, had some cracker players with Kurt Ekland (65 pts), the in form Wes Goosen (52) and the league convert with a debut you couldn’t ask more from except for making the final tackle which led to a Hurricanes win in Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (40 pts). You’d think scores like these would be enough but it was countered by the continuous poor form of Jackson Garden Bachop (-2 pts) and the horrible Reece Hodge (-23 pts) who got us asking whether this was the lowest fantasy score ever.
The Calendar got his Dog Roll out and showed us whose the real big boy Blake around town. With not the highest scores but a consistent team effort all round with Brodie Mcallister (42 pts), the loosie turned lock Fergus Lee Warner (35 pts) and the OG dog roll himself Scott Barrett (32 pts).

The TahbourCridge (325 pts with 1 player left) vs Gonna Materap This Comp (312 pts with 1 player left)
Chrissy vs Nsync
After the Champ left off where he won last season, topping the scores in round 1, he was looking to do the same damage to Synca in round 2. Synca had other plans in mind for the champ showing some fight and resolve taking a leaf out of Ukraine’s book. With only 13 points between them and one player each Luke Jacobson (Champ) vs Quinn Tupea (Sync) this will go right down to the trip wire.
The Champ’s TahbourCridge was on the build with top scores from the ever reliable and one of the best outside backs in the world Will Jordan (49 pts), the come good Mark Telea (43 pts) and the workhorse Boxer Matt Philip (39 pts). To match this, Nsync’s players across the board scored solid Matt Todd 30s or there abouts to keep him in play. His top performers were Oli Jager (37 pts) JOC (34 pts) and Medrano (33 pts) showing props are doing well in this draft. Synca is still looking for his namesake and first pick Pablo Matera. Most likely singing Bye Bye Bye to the opportunity cost of points he could have got elsewhere.
The United Tates (464 pts with 2 players left) vs  Reece Lightning (421 pts with 2 players left)
Noobum vs Cargie
With this matchup always leaving someone mainly Noobum with anonymous parcels of mail, it is always anticipated to see who wins this fixture. A classic mano el mano. This wasn’t going to change with the two top scores of the round. There’s still a bit to play in this with Noobum 43 points ahead but there are 2 players each remaining two front rowers (Noobum) vs Weber and Nawara (Cargie). Should be very interesting to see how this one finishes up.
The United Tates was put under early pressure from the Friday night games but managed to turn the tide on Saturday with monster games from player of the round Caleb Clarke (69 pts), All Black Captain and machine Ardie Savea (65 pts) and hatrick hero Salesi Rayasi (60 pts). Cargie too had some big consistent scores across the board, with his name sake and try scoring machine Sevu Reece (56 pts), locked in Tah number 8 Will Harris (42 pts), Jermaine Ainsley, Asafa Aumua & Rieko Ioan all scoring 40 points.

Extra Facts:

Best player: Kurt Eklund (83 points) – Blake
Worst player: For 2 weeks in a row Reese Hodge (-18 points) – Blake
Best super sub: Nil
Best free agent: Kane Koteka (65 points)
Biggest coaching mistake: (player left on the bench): Ian Prior (44pts) instead of Mitch Drummond (12pts) – Sync

Team Scores Round 2:

The Table:

No changes to the table yet with a game delayed.

Round 3 Fixtures:

Written by February Palmer.