Experimental Scoring Feature

Some might say that Draft Rugby is a game played purely enjoyment. We all know that’s flat our wrong. It’s a game we play to win. Specifically, to win against Cargie. To know who’s winning, we need to see team scores. Until now, team scoring has been conspicuously absent from Draft Rugby. Now our new […]

OG LEAGUE 2020 – Rd 4 – The Prop scoring error

The Draft Rugby Scoring Error This week it was brought to our attention that our prop scores weren’t quite adding up. There was a bug in the code and our props weren’t being awarded fantasy points for carries or runs (2 points per carry/run for a prop – 1 for all other positions). We have […]

Dev Update #2 The 2020 Platform

A lot of people have been asking us exactly when we will be rolling out our platform and what will it feature. We’ve kept tight lipped on the platform thus far whilst working away on it and through a busy preseason of content. It’s extremely difficult to estimate how long software development will take and […]