After a brief hiatus through round 1 the OG League is back! Last week was all a bit insane with the competition kicking off but we will quickly catch you up. In round 1 things basically stayed as they were for our managers despite everyone drafting completely new sides. Newbung, Harry, Cargie & AJ all […]

OG LEAGUE 2020 – Rd 4 – The Prop scoring error

The Draft Rugby Scoring Error This week it was brought to our attention that our prop scores weren’t quite adding up. There was a bug in the code and our props weren’t being awarded fantasy points for carries or runs (2 points per carry/run for a prop – 1 for all other positions). We have […]

The OG League 2020 – Round 3

In response to a pretty dismal showing last week, the managers from The Draft metaphorically said “hold me beer”, each seemingly competing for the lowest score of the round. Only 1 of our 8 managers managed to bag himself an attacking bonus point (>450 points) and he was the one who needed it the most! […]