2018 OG Draft Grand Final

Your 2018 Champion has been decided! The results are in, some of you will be ashamed, others just disappointed, but only one will be elated! Let’s break down the Grand final and the wooden spoon match ups for 2018. I’ll be looking to blake or nabung to shed some light on their shadow draft as […]

2018 OG Draft Semi-Final Week 2

The Fantasy Gods have gone to work overnight. They answered some prayers and slit the throato of some dreams, as players’ scored fluctuated largely in both directions.. providing some erections and deflating others. The Championship – Semi 1 In the top half of the ladder in Semi 1, Nabung’s ‘Most Hopeless’ set their sites on overcoming […]

2018 OG Draft Semi-Final Week 1

The Championship Semi-Finals Rd 1  (1) Show me the Ioane 578 Leads 478 Most Hope (3)(2) Moves Like Jager 493 Leads 487 Inficiting PTSD (4) How it Happened! The first round of finals have been updated, and in a shock to no one, Cargie has put a 100pt lead on his arch nemsis Nabung. Bigger deficits have been […]

2018 OG Draft Rd 18 The Final Round

Round 18 Final scores: You, Me and Dan du Preez 531 Defeats 512 Wylie’s WabbeleysHip Hip 2.0 437 Defeats 396 Show me the Ioane Moves Like Jager 611 Defeats 421 Inficiting PTSDMost Hope 610 Defeats 533 Krem de la Krem How it Happened! Once again I can’t do a full round review so i’ll stick to […]

2018 OG Draft Rd 4 Results

Final Scores Round 4 (6) Wylie’s Wabbeleys 490 Defeats 410 Get Ofa (8)(2) Show me the Ioane 507 Defeats 463 Inagaki is Haviling an Oriet game! (7)(1) Hip Hip Marais! 495 Defeats 479 Moves Like Jager (3)(4) Siya Later 555 Defeats 480 Most Hope (5) How it Happened! First up Nelson Henry Dale took on James Wylie In what […]

2018 OG Draft Rd 3 Results

Round 3 Results: Show me the Ioane 402 defeats 368 Finding Chemo Wylie’s Wabbeleys 436 defeats 393 Moves Like JagerMost Hope 445 defeats 328 Something to do with InagakiFully Nabuli! 435 Defeated 399 Siya Later How it happened! Round 2 saw some upsets alright, with all members of the Dale family recording losses. How good! Show […]