Casualty Ward Aotearoa Rd 4, AU Rd 1

Super Rugby AU is among us, meaning we now have 10 active clubs to manage their injuries. The Casualty Ward remains your one stop shop for all injusty news. Check out all the injury news out there as well as the insights of our teams Physiotherapist and Podiatrist. If you like what you read please […]

The Casualty Ward Rd 7 Ongoing

With the temporary suspension of Super Rugby due to the Coronavirus this edition of the the Casualty Ward will continue to be updated. We are your one stop shop to find all the injury news in one place! We endevour to list all known information, while also offering our own insights as a Physiotherapist and […]

The Casualty Ward 2020 Rd 4

4 rounds down and the injuries are mounting up! The Casualty Ward is here to make your life easy with all the latest Super Rugby’s injuries and bans right here! If you like what you read please like, share and review us every where people talk about rugby, and check out our Draft Rugby podcast […]