2019 OG Draft Grand Final Result

The Championship Grand Finals (1) Call me Big Papali’i V Burnin’ Bridges (2) In the final fixture of the Draft season we had one returning finalist and one fresh faced manager looking to write his name into history. Harry was looking to create a Drafting dynasty after finishing champion in 2015,16,17 and runner up in […]

2019 OG Draft Semi-Final Results Week 2 – The Decider

The Championship Semi-Finals Rd 2 (4) Burnin’ Bridges 643 leads 383 Havili’s Homophobic Henchmen (1)(2) Call me Big Papali’i 501 leads 359 Karl Marx Groomed these Maddogs (3) Burnin’ Bridges V Havili’s Homophobic Henchmen A 260 point lead at the half way point of the head to head match-up should be enough for anyone to […]

2019 OG Draft Semi-Final Week 1

Update Wednesday 26th of June: OPTA have now confirmed that Finals (Matt) Todd scored off the Crusaders 48th minute rolling maul try, not Whetu Douglas. This means that Matt Todd actually scored 58 for the week, while Whetu only scored 31 points. The Championship Semi-Finals Rd 1  (1) Havili’s Homophobic Henchmen V Burnin’ Bridges (4)(2) […]

2019 OG League Rd 7 Results

Thank god this isn’t a tipping comp, because we would be awful… Luckily fantasy footy is our jam, this is how it all went down in round 7. Round 7 Final scores: (5) Coles-Royce 559 defeats 450 Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs (1)(8) Clan Mckenzie 403 defeats 342 White Linen Hides the Sinning (7)(6) Otere is […]

2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 6

How it works: You can check out how trade night flows here. This week the Trade night order and picks were: Tomorrow’s Trades will finish as follows 10 am: Larry11 am: Nsync12 pm: Nelson1 pm: Cargie2 pm: Harry3 pm: Nabung4 pm: Blake5 pm: Wylie Round 6 Match-ups (1) Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs V Coles-Royce (5)(8) Clan […]

2019 OG League Rd 6 Results

Round 6 was confirmation that we all know nothing! With loses to the Crusaders, Bulls, Highlanders and Brumbies this year is the closest Super Rugby season in recent memory, with anyone beating anyone on their day. Our managers have almost all rung in the changes over the Round 5 Final scores: (1) Marximum Louw Groomed […]