2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 6

How it works: You can check out how trade night flows here. This week the Trade night order and picks were: Tomorrow’s Trades will finish as follows 10 am: Larry11 am: Nsync12 pm: Nelson1 pm: Cargie2 pm: Harry3 pm: Nabung4 pm: Blake5 pm: Wylie Round 6 Match-ups (1) Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs V Coles-Royce (5)(8) Clan […]

2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 3

A brief recap on how it works: Each week our league is allowed a maximum of 5 trades. We meet every Thursday night to make said trades with a few extra rules. The location is a pub chosen each week by one of the managers on a simple rotation basis. The 5th Trade will be […]

The Casualty Ward Rd 19

And the Super Rugby regular season was done! This week you’ll find the full list of injuries and updates on this sheet. Come the middle of the week i’ll also be releasing the Casualty Ward Finals edition, where only the remaining teams left competing will be listed on the sheet. Tune in to Episode 19 […]