2018 OG Draft Rd 3 Results

Round 3 Results: Show me the Ioane 402 defeats 368 Finding Chemo¬†Wylie’s Wabbeleys 436 defeats 393 Moves Like JagerMost Hope 445 defeats 328 Something to do with InagakiFully Nabuli! 435 Defeated 399 Siya Later How it happened! Round 2 saw some upsets alright, with all members of the Dale family recording losses. How good! Show […]

2018 OG Draft Rd 2 Results

Round 2 Results: Moves Like Jager 543 Defeats 414 Finding ChemoShow me the Ioane 500 Defeats 377 Most HopeEverybody Loves Larry 465 Defeats 292 Wylie’s No NamesFully Nabuli! 508 Defeats 487 Something to do with Inagaki How it played out! The Draft is backkkkkkkkkk!¬†The first matchup starts the same way the last season finished. Harry […]

2018 OG Draft Rd 1 & 16 Match-ups

In 2018 all South African sides played in round 1, and all the other sides played in round 16. For this reason we merged these weeks into one match up with the normal five trades to account for mid season injuries. This weeks Match ups: You, Me and Dan du Preez V Most Hope Krem […]

2018 The Initial OG Draft

The Initial Draft is Finally upon us! The Snake Draft order was decided at the Sydney Rugby 7s competition as detailed in the last post. The Snake Draft means we pick 1st to 8th, then 8th to 1st, 1st to 8th and so on until we complete our full team of 23 players. Our end […]

2018’s Draft Order

Each year we need a novel way to randomly pick the draft order. In 2018 the OG Draft crew attended the Sydney 7’s competition, so what better way to add some excitement than randomly assigning everyone a team. Each player was randomly assigned a nation in the Quarter Finals as listed below: The Quarter finals […]

Preseason 2018 OG Draft History

Before the build up for 2018 we reflect back on what has come before us. 2018 brought the OG Draft Trophy, here is a look at what has come before now. The first ever OG Draft in 2012 was won by none other than Draft Rugby Developer Nelson. He has never replicated his original success, […]