Draft Rugby

Points Scoring Rules?

Hey lads, looking forward to getting on it, thank you you for giving us some Fantasy Rugby!!

Do you have the points scoring rules anywhere? Also how big will each teams squad be? Do you get a bench?

Hey George,

Sorry for the slow reply. Can i suggest you follow @draftrugbydev on twitter for updates and to ask questions for a quick reply.
This is our full website explanation:


The game they play online in heaven.

(a work in progress)

The Basics

Creating/Joining a League

The Draft

Team Management

Point System

Trades & Free Agents

The season

Fantasy Strategy


  1. Creating/Joining a League

  2. The Draft

The website is currently being developed, with features being added each day. At this stage the Draft will need to be run offline with each manager manually entering their team.

The draft is the most exciting part of any fantasy season, it is the moment when all your preseason prep comes to the fore. The Draft order should be worked out prior to your Draft night. It is up to each individual league to decide how they want to assign the Draft order, however some great examples are; assigning a dog in a dog race to each manager then drafting and picking in the order of the dog’s race positions; crab racing; randomly assigning pro tennis players.

In the Draft each manager picks a Rugby player in a snake draft order, that is pick 1 to pick 8 and then in reverse, pick 8 to pick 1. This goes on until all 15 starters, and 2 subs are picked. Each team requires 2 props, a hooker, 2 locks, 3 back rowers, a scrum half, a fly half, 2 centres, 3 outside backs, 1 extra reserve forward and 1 extra reserve back.

Each rugby player can only be owned be one manager, meaning every team will be made up of completely unique teams.

  1. Team Management

Your team is made up of 17 players in the following format:

Draft Rugby Position Actual Rugby Positions Number of Starters
Prop Props 2
Hooker Hookers 1
Lock Locks 2
Back Row Openside & Blindside Flankers, No. 8 3
Scrum Half Scrumhalfs/Halfbacks 1
Flyhalf Flyhalfs/First Fives/5/8s 1
Centres Inside Centre/2nd Five & Outside Centres 2
Outside Back Wingers/Fullbacks/Utility Backs 3
Reserve forward Any forward position 1
Reserve back Any back position 1

Only your starting 15 will contribute to your weekly points total, unless a starter doesn’t take the field, in which case the substitute will take his place.

Each players position will be decided before the kick off of the season, and will not be changed until the start of the following year. This ensures there are no clashes in players teams, and is the fairest way to approach this possible problem.

  1. Point System

All starting 15 players will score points for the week, your bench will not score any. If you starter does not enter the field of play (e.g. due to a last minute injury), your sub will automatically be entered into your starting line-up and awarded points.

Your players will be awarded points based on their actions in the real life game each week. We have worked hard to create a system that valued all positions and all actions on the field. A summary of what each action is worth is listed below.


Take the field - 1 point

Play 61+ minutes - 1 point


Tries - 10 points (12 points back row; 15 points props, hooker, locks & half back)

Try assists - 5 points

Conversions - 2 points (lose 2 for a miss)

Penalties - 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)

Drop goal - 3 points (lose 3 for a miss)


Runs - 1 point (2 points for props)

Run metres - 1 point per 10 metres (1 point every 5 metres for props)

Line breaks - 5 points

Tackle busts - 3 points

Offloads - 4 points

Passing - 1 point for every 10 passes (1 pt for every 5 passes for Half Backs)

Bad Pass - lose 2 points each


Forced penalties - 4 points

Tackles - 1 point (2 points for Front row and Hooker)


Bad Pass - lose 2 points each

Handling errors - lose 3 points

Turn overs - lose 4 points

Missed tackles - lose 2 points

Penalties conceded - lose 5 points

Yellow card - lose 10 points

Red card - lose 20 points


Scrum Success - 1 point for win; -3 points for a loss (All forwards) Based off team scrums and personal minutes played per game.

Line-out throw - 1 point

Line-out take - 2 points

Line-out steal - 4 points

Lost line-out - lose 2 points for the thrower

Each week the round will be completed when your data provider uploads the weeks stats into our system. At this point your league table and fixtures will be updated on the website. We do not control the generation of our stats, meaning we cannot edit them if there is a dispute on stats that should or shouldn’t have been awarded.

  1. Trades & Free Agents

With only 2 subs every team is going to need to make a lot of changes to field a full team each week. Thankfully, there will be plenty of free agents to pick from! There are two ways to change your team each week, in both cases all trades must be made between players in the same position.

  • Manager to Manager trades – these can be made in an unlimited number. They generally require an in depth knowledge of player stats, and your opposing managers needs, so that both managers are motivated to make the trade happen.
  • Free agent trades – a total of 5 free agent trades can be made each week. Our league chooses to complete them in a “trade window” on a Thursday night, however you can choose whatever time you prefer to complete these trades.

All trades must be completed, and starting line-ups set, before the kick off the first game each week.

  1. The season

This season is like no other due to the coronavirus interrupted season.