We want anyone to be able to modify and extend Draft Rugby as they see fit. To that end, we are making all our underlying code as accessible as possible.

All Draft Rugby features are built using the Draft Sport API (DS-API). DS-API responds to requests like "tell me the total score of some player in round 4", or "trade this player for another player in my team."

All our apps, including this website, use a set of open-source libraries to interact with DS-API. You can use these libraries to do anything you like. You could build a tool that helps you run your league, or even build your own entire fantasy Rugby app.

Each library has varying levels of capability, and they are being extended all the time. As the Draft Rugby project matures, you can expect that they will become more feature-rich and better documentend.

Language Github Repository
Python draft-sport-py
Swift draft-sport-swift
JS JavaScript draft-sport-js

Want us to add a library in your favourite language? Get in touch on Twitter or on our forums . Feature requests and Github Pull requests are always welcome, too.