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What the ruck is this all about?

What is Draft Rugby? is the fantasy rugby platform you've always wanted. We have adopted the draft fantasy game model to fantasy rugby and its awesome. and over a few years tailored it to fantasy rugby with perfection. Our platform is still in development but we've opened up some of the features for you to check out.


Play against your friends, make it personal.

The Draft

Exclusive player ownership means unique rosters.

Head to Head

Your full dream team plays every week.

Think you know better than the coaches? Pulling your hair out watching the players you think aren’t up to it? This is your chance to stand up, call the shots and prove to your mates you know what you're on about. It’s time to DRAFT your rugby team!


Compete vs another team each week.

It's not about overall points, what matters is beating your opposition each week.

Receive competition points for a win and bonus points if your team killed it or were the unluggy uce that suffered a narrow loss.


Fantasy Rugby Stats

Draft Rugby gives you the tools to dive deep on every player in Super Rugby.

View Player Stats

Quality Rugby Commentary

The Draft Rugby editorial staff serve up the best Super Rugby coverage. Get in-depth analysis of injuries in the Casualty Ward.

Read the Blog

Invite Friends

Track League stats automatically. Say goodbye to giant spreadsheets

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